Val6 Infrared Radiant Diesel Heater

Radiant heat penetrates evenly and directly into surfaces just like sunlight and this heater does not stir dust or create odor.

Unaffected by nature’s elements (wind, rain, and snow), this infrared heater is able to transfer heat directly to the object without any loss of heat or air movement.

Ideal for large indoor spaces such as factories or workshops, or outdoor projects and construction sites. Infrared heat is helpful in the drying of paint and adhesives as well as asphalt and concrete preparation.


(Damage waiver, taxes, fuel & delivery charges not included)

Hour – NA
Half Day – $60
Day – $75
Week – $260
28 Day Month – $660

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Review Product Specifications

Heat Output: 111,000 BTU/hr
Nozzle: .85 gal/h
Fuel: diesel, kerosene
Tank Capacity: 15.1 gallons
Power Source: 120V 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 80W
Monitoring System: Photocell flame monitor, 3A fuse
Radiation Angle: Upward 20 degree
External Dimensions: 40.2H x 28.0W x 27.4D (in)
Overall Dry Weight: 88.2 lbs

Manufacturer Video: Val 6 Infrared Heater

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