Bill’s Equipment & Supply, Inc. has been serving contractors, industry, municipalities and do-it-yourselfers in the Pikes Peak Region since Bill Lewis Sr. started the company in 1954.

Bill was a carpenter by trade. He used a wide array of tools daily in his work and, like so many other hard-working men, he accumulated a good number of them. Many friends and acquaintances frequently asked to borrow Bill’s tools and he shared them freely. He was a generous person and, through the years, many of his tools helped others complete their building projects. Bill was always enterprising and one day, his entrepreneurial “light bulb” went on. He realized that if he “loaned” his tools out and charged the borrowers, he would be able to repair and replace them with the income and possibly have a little additional profit. That idea led to a new profession and passion, and a family-owned tool rental business that has since grown into its third generation.

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Currently, Bill Sr’s son Bill and his two sons, Hunter and Wylie, own and operate the company. Their business is both their livelihood and their passion. They take pride in working daily with a wonderful team of employees and equipment suppliers to provide friends and customers with high quality equipment, superb service, and a knowledge of building and construction that is unparalleled in the Colorado Springs area.

All three owners are very involved in the company’s operations and look forward to the opportunity to interact with customers. When visiting one of our locations, it’s not uncommon to find them at the counter or out in the yard assisting their team.

Bill, Hunter and Wylie all grew up around equipment and tools, so construction and yard projects come as second nature to them. They enjoy helping others learn, and believe that knowledge of their rental equipments’ capabilities is one of the most important components of the business. With this expertise, their team is able to help customers determine the most cost-effective and efficient ways to complete their projects. Giving customers the best quality and value is our philosophy at Bill’s Equipment & Supply; it’s also the way that Bill, Hunter and Wylie continue the legacy of their father and grandfather.



In October of 2013, when named Bill’s Tool Rental, the company was featured in the national trade magazine Rental Management. Click to read the full article, titled “Bill’s Tool Rental: Focused on Customers – Three generations keep three locations running smoothly”

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