Barreto, Toro or Vermeer Stump Grinder

All our Barreto, Toro, and Vermeer stump grinders are hydraulically operated.

The rubber tracks give better traction on uneven terrain, and its large footprint will not tear up grass turf. These machines have user friendly controls.

Intelli-Sweep® feature (Toro) automatically adjusts sweep speed to maintain optimal operation.

The AutoSweep (Vermeer) monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts the cutter wheel sweep rate.

The Barreto 30SGB features a time-tested track design that absorbs impact and provides stability, as well as a center-mounted cutter wheel that provides 134º head swing.


(Damage waiver, taxes, fuel & delivery charges not included)

Hour – NA
Half Day – $190
Day – $225
Week – $840
28 Day Month – $2520


Make: Barreto

Cutting Wheel Diameter: 19.2″
Cutting Height: 32″
Cutting Depth: 12″
Width: 35.5″
Length: 98″
Height: 49.5″
Weight: 1,700lbs

Make: Toro

Cutter Wheel Diameter: 19″
Head swing: 47″ arc
Cutting Capacity Above/Below Grade: 35″ / 12.5″
Overall Width: 34″
Length: 78″
Height: 48″
Weight: 1200 lbs

Make: Vermeer

Model: SC30TX
Cutter Wheel Diameter without Teeth: 16″
Cutting Capacity Above/Below Grade: 25″ / 12 ”
Overall Width: 35″
Length: 94″
Height: 49″
Weight: 1550 lbs

Manufacturer Video: Toro

Manufacturer Video: Vermeer

Watch Matt’s Toro Stump Grinder Demo

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