Smooth Drum / Sheepsfoot Roller, Ride-On

This Ride-on roller is great for larger asphalt or dirt applications. It comes equipped with a smooth drum, and is available with a bolt-on sheepfoot shell for the drum.


(Damage waiver, taxes, fuel & delivery charges not included)

Hour – NA
Half Day – NA
Day – $390
Week – $1100
28 Day Month – $3060

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Make: Ingersoll-Rand
Drum Width: 54″
Drum Type: Sheepfoot
Engine HP: 76
Centrifugal Force: 22,250 lbs.
Vibration Frequency: 1900 VPM
Amplitude: .067″
Working Speed: 0-4.8 MPH
Operating Weight: 11,350 lbs.

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