Rear Tine Hydraulic Roto Tiller

This hydraulic rear-tine tiller provides the extra power to till larger gardens and hard soil with ease. Hydraulics power both the drive system as well as the tines that can till in both forward and reverse at variable speeds.

Powered by a 13-HP engine, this unit has a 20″ tilling width and up to 6″ depth.

Due to the weight of this machine, a small trailer or loading ramp is highly recommended to transport this machine.


(Damage waiver, taxes, fuel & delivery charges not included)

Hour – $23.75
4 Hour Minimum – $95
Day – $150
Week – $500
28 Day Month – $1375

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Make: Barreto
Type: Rear-Tine
Engine: Honda 13-HP
Tilling Width: 20″
Transmission: All-Hydraulic
Travel Speeds: Variable
Weight: 560 lbs.

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