5 Headed Concrete Scabbler

This Concrete Scabbler is powered by the tow-behind air compressor. It can remove up to 250 square feet of concrete per hour.

Ideal for:

-Removing spalling concrete
-Roughening surfaces for new overlayments
-Reducing high spots
-Creating wheelchair access ramps
-Removing epoxy
-Creating slip-resistant surfaces
-Texturing parking garage ramps
-Removing loose or deteriorated concrete


(Damage waiver, taxes, fuel & delivery charges not included)

Hour -NA
Half Day – $175
Day – $230
Week – $800
28 Day Month – $2400

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Power: Air

Air Requirement: 160 CFM @ 100 PSI

Width: 29″

Length: 44″

Height: 40″

Approximate weight: 270 lbs.

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