20 lb Propane Bottle

If you need to rent a propane tank in Colorado Springs, look no further than Bill’s Equipment. At 20 pounds, these tanks are a reliable mobile power source that you can count on to provide an efficient source of energy wherever you need it.

20-pound propane tanks have a variety of applications, but they’re primarily used to power standard home-based propane BBQ grills that families use for outdoor cookouts and camping.

When full, these 20-pound tanks have 4.6 gallons of liquid propane in them. On a medium-sized grill, this will usually last for 18-20 hours of cooking on high heat. Larger, more powerful grills will burn through the tank much faster, typically lasting only half as long.

If you need to rent a grill too, be sure to check out our 6’ x 2’ Propane Barbeque Grill. With four firebox sections and a mobile base, it’s ideal for events that require high volume cooking.


(Damage waiver, taxes, fuel & delivery charges not included)

Hour – NA
Half Day – NA
Day – $5
Week – $10
28 Day Month – $20

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Empty bottle weight: 75 lb

Full bottle weight: 175 lb

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