14″ Gas Demolition Saw

Our handheld, gas-powered 14″ demo saws are available in 2 models: Husqvarna K970 and Makita MM4. These saws cut concrete, asphalt, iron, or steel.

Husqvarna Saw

This model K970 demolition saw is reliable, light and powerful.

Husqvarna Features:

  • Semi-automatic belt tensioning
  • Easy to start with decompression valve
  • Maintenance-free recoil starter
  • Provides high power with less fuel

Makita Saw

This gas demolition saw does not use mixed fuel like all other currently manufactured saws. It uses straight gasoline. What does this mean? Approximately 80% of demolition saws go to repair shops because someone put straight gasoline in a mixed-gasoline saw. The saws are quieter than all others and they have plenty of horsepower for Colorado Springs and regional elevations.

Makita Features:

  • Integrated all aluminum wheels reduce fatigue during long straight cuts and retract when not in use to prevent unexpected movement
  • Lower noise at 92.7dB(A) and smoother idle for continuous operation
  • Five-stage, foam-paper-nylon filtration system with advance direction air flow provides cleaner air for better engine durability
  • Lower fuel consumption at .45 gallons per hour


(Damage waiver, taxes, fuel & delivery charges not included)

Hour – $19
3 Hour Minimum – $57
Day – $110
Week – $340
28 Day Month – $685

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Review Product Specifications

Husqvarna Saw

Uses a 14″ abrasive or diamond blade (separate rental)
Model: K970
Engine: 6.5 HP
Fuel Type: Gasoline-Oil Mixture
Max. Cutting Depth: 4 1/2″
Weight: 24.3 lbs

Makita Saw

Uses a 14″ abrasive or diamond blade (separate rental)
Model: EK7651H, MM4
Engine (max power): 4.1 HP/3 kW
Fuel Type: Unleaded gas
Max. Cutting Depth: 4-13/16″
Weight: 35.2 lbs.

Manufacturer Video: Makita Power Cutter Operation Guide (EK7651H)

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