John Deere 310SK Extendahoe/Loader, 4WD

The new standard five-speed transmission gets you moving faster with roads speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph). Fuel savings features are front and center with auto idle, auto shutdown and economy mode all available only on the 310SK. It also boasts the new single-lever loader control with integrated electrohydraulic, proportional auxiliary control, and comes standard with JDLink™ and Service ADVISOR™ Remote. The 310SK also includes productivity enhancements such as our smooth-shifting five-speed transmission with Autoshift option. More efficient HVAC system. Convenient sealed-switch module with keyless start and machine-security system. The 310SK gives you more comfort, more convenience, and more efficiency.


(Damage waiver, taxes, fuel & delivery charges not included)

Hour – N/A
Half Day – $220
Day – $310
Week – $1090
28 Day Month – $2912


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Net Power hp: 94

Transmission Type: Powershift / Power shuttle

Travel Speed: Forward 22.3 / Reverse 8.2


Pump Flow g.p.m. 28

System Pressure psi 3625

BACKHOE, Extendable Dipperstick

Max. Digging Depth: 17 ft. 11 in.

Reach from Swing Center: 24 ft. 11 in.

Truck Loading Height: 13 ft. 11 in.

Bucket, Power Dig: 11,106 lbs

Boom Lift Capacity at Ground Level: 2,545 lbs

Dipperstick Lift Capacity at 12’ height: 4,859 lbs


Weight: 17,150 lbs

Width: 7′ 2″

Height: 11′ 3″

Cab Height: 9′

Lift Capacity: 6200 lbs

Dig Depth: 6′

Height to bucket hinge pin: 11′ 1″

Dump Clearance, bucket at 45 degrees: 8′ 10″

Dump Reach: 2′ 6″

Bucket Capacity: 1 cu yd

Height to bucket hinge pin, maximum: 11′ 1″

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