Rarely do I take time out to recognize people for their good work. I really should do this more often!

I just want to let you know the kind of service Brian Vanderkooy provided my husband and I this weekend. We rented two tools: first an excavator and then a concrete saw. We met Brian when we came in to return the excavator and pick up the saw. Brian showed genuine interest in our needs and he was just a pleasure to talk to. He took the time to figure out how we could best use our coupon, which meant a lot to us as these tool rentals can really add up! Later that day, the saw stopped working so we brought it back. He showed my husband how to get it started again and we could tell he genuinely cared that we had a tool that wouldn’t give my husband any more problems. When I returned the saw he was happy to find out that it worked perfectly from then on. and the job got completed without a hitch.

Brian made this one little part of my husband’s home improvement project a pleasant experience. Kindness goes a long way! So please pass on my gratitude for Brian’s efficiency and positivity.

Thank you,
Patty Krough