Ken and myself and all of KNA Team want to take a moment to thank you for allowing us access to your yard, and to have a company phone number to call after hours. We needed light plants and a Jen Star to get our pumping operation up and running Friday night. Your employee didn’t hesitate when I called him way after business hours and was down at your store in less than 15 minutes. We got Baker Corp their light plants, and got a Jen Star from him to proceed to get the pumping of the water out of the excavation. Customer service, to most of us is a thing of the past. Bill’s Equipment & Supply has gone far beyond anything most of us are used to in this day and age. So thank you all for doing an amazing job. It’s been Ken’s and my pleasure getting to know all of you and will be looking forward to working with you on the I-25 Cimarron Interchange in the future. Please also thank all the yard guys, and staff also from us.

Michael Gellateli
Superintentent, Kraemer North America